Saturday, July 28, 2012

More than 1,000 VIAL of LIFE Emergency Kits Distributed

Thanks to the hard work of my office and numerous teen and adult volunteers, we have assembled and distributed over 1,000 VIAL of LIFE emergency kits.

The VIAL of L.I.F.E. program is a nationally recognized program that has been in use by hundreds of fire departments for over 35 years. Now it is being provided to the residents of Long Beach.

The concept is simple: provide a way to put important medical information into the hands of emergency medical services (EMS) personnel as quickly as possible so they can know the medical illnesses, medications, and allergies of those who have called for their services.

Everyone has a refrigerator, so why not place the medical information in a pill vial (bottle) and place it inside where it can be found easily? A magnet (or sticker) on the front of the refrigerator (and on the front door of the residence) alerts first responders that the vial can be found inside.

The medical information form provides emergency first responders with the resident's contact information, current medical conditions, medications and other vital information that can be used to quickly and correctly assess what needs to be done. Residents are encouraged to update their medical information form as often as their medical information changes.